Top 10 Things Every RV Newbie Should Know

If you’re new to full time RVing, or a new Weekend Warrior, and have a travel trailer or new motorhome there are lots of tips and tricks that are helpful to know before you get on the road. Full time RV couple Marc and Tricia (Keep Your Daydream) break down the Top 10 Things Every New RV Owner Should Know.

  1. You don’t need as much as you think
  2. What tools are essential?
  3. Know your tires
  4. How to avoid mistakes and accidents
  5. How to communicate effectively
  6. Know your measurements
  7. What is boondocking?
  8. Know your tanks
  9. How to plan your route
  10. Document your journey

One of the tools Marc and Tricia have recommend are yellow stackable jack blocks to provide support and stability for your rig. They are certainly better than nothing, but there are higher quality products to consider.  If you’re interested in a more effective solution, give our RoadWarrior Jack Pads a look. They are industrial grade, 100% guaranteed unbreakable, will never absorb water, or splinter, and super easy to handle.

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