Q. How should the ground be prepared under RoadWarrior Jack Pads?

Ensure the ground is flat and level. Remove any rocks, debris etc., that may create high-pressure points between the pad and ground, or cause the pad not to be level.

Q. What size jack pad do I need?
The RV outrigger pad size you choose is your preference. Factors to consider are the ground, the ground you set up on and the total weight of your RV. Larger model RoadWarrior Jack Pads always provide better performance in softer conditions. Please contact our team if you would like more specific information related to sizing.

Q. Are other jack pads just like RoadWarrior?
No, our camper jack pads are definitely not the same. Wood and low grade plastic jack pads are not made to industrial standards. These types of RV stabilizer pads generally lack strength, typically have cavities that trap debris and struggle to hold up to prolonged use or higher hyrdraulic jack pressure. RoadWarrior Jack Pads are an industrial product made for everyday RV use with all types of RV’s.  Our heavy-duty jack pads will never rot, splinter, trap debris or break.

Q. How do your RV Jack Pads compare to wood?
Wood is a natural material with a very high absorption rate. Due to absorption, wood fibers will splinter crack and break and have large variations of strength, stiffness, and reliability under pressure. All of which leads to unsafe conditions.  In comparison, RoadWarrior Jack Pads constructed of DICA’s engineered materials are waterproof and guaranteed against splintering, cracking and breaking because of their reliable molecular, strength and stiffness properties.

Q. Do RoadWarrior Jack Pads have a warranty?
Yes, put simply, “if you break it, we’ll replace it. Guaranteed.”

Q. Are your jack pads resistant to water and chemicals?
Yes, RoadWarrior RV Jack Pads with TuffGrip Handles are impervious to water and resistant to chemicals commonly found on parking areas and roads. Please contact us if you are concerned about a particular chemical.

Q. How many RoadWarrior RV Jack Pads can be stacked safely?
Due to the number of potential variables, choosing a stacking height is a decision that is up to the user and their specific situation. The most critical consideration is ensuring the jack pads are level.  See our “How to Use” Guidelines for more detailed stacking considerations.