Setup Basics

  • Make sure the area you intend to place your jack pad is level.
  • Place your heavy-duty jack pad in the leveled area.
  • Lower a flat jack foot onto the center of the RoadWarrior® RV Jack Pad.

Stacked Setup

RoadWarrior pads can be stacked to increase height as long as the following guidelines are followed:

  • Ensure the ground is flat and level, and that the ground can support the imposed loads under your RV Jack Pads.
  • Ensure your bottom jack pad and all stacked layers are completely level.
  • Ensure the load is applied vertically (rv jack placement must be a 90-degree angle to the jack pad).
  • Ensure the capacity of your jack pads are not exceeded.


All RoadWarrior RV Jack Pads are guaranteed unbreakable when used properly. DO NOT exceed the crush rating or the load limit listed on the pad.

  • DO NOT place a jack leg without a jack foot on a pad (RoadWarrior RV Jack Pads are NOT a replacement for the Jack Foot).
  • DO NOT place a bent/rounded jack foot onto a pad.

Both situations reduce the contact area and increase the pressure exerted onto the jack pad. Both results put you at risk of exceeding the crush rating and load limit.

See the below graphics for illustrations.

DO use
a jack foot that is flat

DO NOT use
without a jack foot

DO NOT use
with a bent jack foot