8 Tips for Choosing a Campsite

RV Life Magazine recently compiled a helpful article, 8 Tips for Choosing a Campsite.

As they note, there are many factors that come into play when choosing a campsite as not all campsites are created equal. Be sure to scope out your campsite before settling in to ensure you’re able to set up in a safe, level, and dry area. Keeping your RV level will help your water system drain properly, and provide a more comfortable experience.

To get a quality spot – reserving a campsite well in advance is one of the best things you can do to set yourself up for a great experience.

To help address sites that are unlevel, unstable, or soft, RV Life recommends wood blocks to help stabilize your RV. Wood jack pads are inexpensive, but they are far more prone to failure from jack load pressure and are messy to handle when after they have been wet. Wood easily absorb water, can develop insect infestations and can easily splinter.

Instead of wood, give RoadWarrior Jack Pads a look. RoadWarrior Jack Pads are fully engineered, made in the USA and are 100% guaranteed unbreakable. They don’t absorb water, they create a stable foundation, and they help prevent RV jacks from sinking into soft ground or damaging paved surfaces.  RoadWarrior Jack Pads will never wear out and have the toughest and comfiest handles around!