Must-Haves for Motor Homes recommends must-have items every motor home should be equipped with. In the article, “What do you need?” the publication breaks its guide to important products and services into below categories.

Before You Go

  • Water
  • Electronics
  • Gear
  • Safety
  • Household Items
  • RV Park Living
  • Fun Stuff

For the gear section, entry level wheel chocks and jack blocks are listed which are certainly better than nothing. But – if want to ensure maximum reliability you’ll need industrial grade jack pads and wheel chocks.  RoadWarrior products are engineered to support and chock your RV, camper or trailer, and never fail.

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned RV veteran, RV living is more fun and way less stressful when you have “What you Need.”

Photo Credit: Motorhome Magazine