“These jack pads are absolutely the best things since sliced bread!  The best pads I’ve ever used or seen. I use them as jack pads on a very large and heavy class A Motorhome and they work great.  In fact, I plan to order an additional set of 4 to carry with me. Some RV sites are so unleveled that sometimes I’d like to stack a couple of them to give the jacks a hand. –Tom Z.

“I love these pads! Great support for our RV and will last forever.” Ross T. MD

“A gentleman wanted to know where I got my RV Jack Pads and I referred him to your company and will gladly do so in the future. Your RV Jack pads are quality and work where most do not. Thank you for making a good and guaranteed product here in the USA.” – Billy S.

“Your RV jack pads are working out very well for us!  I believe we made the best decision and look forward to them servicing us for many years.” – Rosanne P.

“I’ve had the same DICA RV Jack Pads for 10 years and they work great!  New motorhome, same pads.”- Mark H.

“Your RV jack pads are working very well, definitely worth the money.  Got rid of all the
 wood camper pads I used. They are easier to store and handle. I am happy with my 
purchase.” – Martin L.

“We just got back from a trip. We used the RV jack pads at each stop. They are easy to use and we could not be happier with their performance.” 

- Jane S.

“I just wanted to let you know, how happy I am, that I purchased the DICA RV Jack Pads. It has made my motorhome set up easy, quick and very safe.  Leveling the motorhome was also much easier as the jacks all had stable seating. I actually felt safer using my new DICA RV jack pads. I would highly recommend this product to all motorhome owners. Thanks for such a great product, and all your help in deciding which pads to purchase.” – Bill C.

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