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8 Tips for Choosing a Campsite

RV Life Magazine recently compiled a helpful article, 8 Tips for Choosing a Campsite. As they note, there are many factors that come into play when choosing a campsite as not all campsites are created equal. Be sure to scope out your campsite before settling in to ensure you’re able to set up in a […]

Top 10 Things Every RV Newbie Should Know

If you’re new to full time RVing, or a new Weekend Warrior, and have a travel trailer or new motorhome there are lots of tips and tricks that are helpful to know before you get on the road. Full time RV couple Marc and Tricia (Keep Your Daydream) break down the Top 10 Things Every […]

2 Big RV Mistakes You Might Be Making

An article from RV Life, 2 Big RV Mistakes you Might be Making, details two critical things anyone who owns an RV should take seriously in order to stay safe while on the road. The first is to invest in a roadside assistance plan. Speaking from experience, author Rene Agredano says her investment paid for […]

Must-Haves for Motor Homes

Motorhome.com recommends must-have items every motor home should be equipped with. In the article, “What do you need?” the publication breaks its guide to important products and services into below categories. Before You Go Water Electronics Gear Safety Household Items RV Park Living Fun Stuff For the gear section, entry level wheel chocks and jack […]

DICA RV Solutions – RoadWarrior Jack Pad Demo

DICA customer William Roche demonstrates how to properly setup your RV using RoadWarrior Jack Pads. DICA’s RoadWarrior Jack Pads can be used for towable RVs, motorized RVs, and specialty RVs. They are waterproof, and stackable for additional height and support. Check out our YouTube channel to watch the video. Don’t forget to like and subscribe! […]

RV News Highlights RoadWarrior RV Jack Pads

The May issue of RV News magazine highlights DICA RoadWarrior RV Stabilizer Pads in their product spotlight section. You can read the article here or scroll below. Happy RVing! DICA’s RoadWarrior RV Jack Pads provide support for towable, motorized, and specialty RVs. Manufactured by DICA, RoadWarrior Jack Pads utilize a proprietary, industrial strength thermoplastic material […]

Use Non-Industrial RV Jack Pads At Your Own Risk

Unfortunately, many RV owner often use disposable or non-engineered camper pads. They go by many names: RV jack pads, camper pads, stacker blocks, leveling blocks for travel trailers, RV utility blocks, those “mat thingies you stick under the jack,” or whatever else you might call them. The humble travel trailer leveling block might not get […]

First Time RV Setup. A Step-by-Step User’s Guide

Around the world, more people are purchasing RV campers for their idea of a perfect getaway. Approximately 8.9 million households own an RV, and millions of other campers have rented them for their extended camping trips. However, the process of setting up an RV at a campsite can be tricky for those who are camping […]