“To put it plain and simple these pads are AWESOME!!”

Adam H. -Fleet Manager, Travis Matthew Apparel

100% Guaranteed Unbreakable

Tired of jacks pads that don’t last? Made in the USA RoadWarrior® Jack Pads won’t break, splinter or absorb water. Their space-age RV Jack Pad materials deliver unbreakable support in all kinds of RV parking conditions.

Simple and Easy to Use

Why waste time with jack pads that aren’t ready to use when you need them? RoadWarrior® Jack Pads require no assembly or preparation prior to setup. They are simple and ready to use when it’s time to setup your RV.

Safer Handling

Why settle for jack pads without handles or handles that are difficult to grasp? TuffGrip® Handles easily fit a gloved or non-gloved hand, are fantastically comfortable and make placing and retrieving your camper jack pads a snap! They’re even waterproof and 100% unbreakable.

Lightweight Strength

You deserve jack pads that won’t break and will perform every time. RoadWarrior Jack Pads are engineered for unbeatable strength to keep your camper, RV or trailer safe and level. They easily support RV Jacks from sinking into soft ground or damaging paved surfaces.

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