Our Story

RoadWarrior Background

RoadWarrior RV Jack Pads are a new product line for DICA distinct from our industry leading line of SafetyTech Outrigger Pads. We use different materials and shapes for RoadWarrior, while keeping all of the great features users of DICA outrigger pads and jack pads have come to love over the years.

These changes are designed to meet the specific needs of RV customers to have an industrial strength jack pad at a great price. We believe we’ve achieved that combination in RoadWarrior.

RoadWarrior Name

The RoadWarrior name was selected in honor of DICA’s founder, Dick Koberg, who was the original “road warrior” for our company. He drove hundreds of thousand of miles for decades, to share the benefits of DICA Outrigger Pads and RV Jack Pads. Naming this product for him, is something we are very proud and honored to do.

The name also pays homage to you, the RV owner and user. Like Dick, you know time spent on the open road is full of adventure and that some of the best fun always involves just getting there and coming home.

Thank You to Our Wonderful Customers

“Thank you to our wonderful customers” is an expression Dick has shared with others for years. He and the company he founded understand that without great customers, no business can exist for long. We are sincerely grateful to you for your business and interest in our products. In a word, “Thank You”!

We hope all “RoadWarriors” will enjoy the benefits of our new RoadWarrior RV Jack Pads and find that they provide the trusted and exceptional performance you need wherever your travels take you.

To read more about our story, please visit DICA USA.com.

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